Sunday, November 11, 2007


While running this morning - a very nice lady said something to me as I ran past her. I stopped and took my headphones out of my ears and apologized for not hearing her. She repeated herself "You look amazing. I see you in the morning and I think you are an inspiration. You can tell you are working very hard."

I thanked her profusely. What a nice surprise. It was a morning when I felt like I was having a crappy run (for the second day in a row) and it was such a pick-me-up to have someone stop and say that they noticed how hard I've been working. And a stranger to boot! I get such a kick out of life when it happens this way.

Spent the rest of the day getting various things done like laundry, mopping floors, etc. All very exciting.

But, we did have an impromptu "Harry Potter" movie marathon over the weekend. I forget how much I love those movies. Now I'm off to re-read the last few books.

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