Thursday, January 26, 2006

Reasons Why

I should not be allowed near lemons or Sharpie's while bored at work. Meet my new friend Lancelot Lemon courtesy of L!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A Potpourri

Since I have been dealing with very random thoughts for the past few days, I thought I would share them with you.

*I know most people have seen this, but it makes me laugh so I am sharing it with you.

*I started this plant project almost 2 weeks ago with this plant that is supposed to appear with my fortune on it, but nothing is growing. It probably doesn't help that I keep forgetting to water it, but still, this just continues my running score of killing any houseplants. I can't believe I even entertain the idea of having kids when keeping a plant alive becomes boring to me after day 2 of taking care of them. So now instead of a cute photo essay about the plant growing, it will now be a photo essay about a can of dirt. A cute can of dirt.

*I am so annoyed at Trader Joe's right now, it has inspired a new section for this blog I will entitle "Nuts to You". Just know that whenever I say that in my head, I hear the theme song for those "Real Men of Genius" commercials, where, at the end the guy sums up what the commercial was about, "So, here's to you Mr. Taco Bowl Inventor" but instead in my head I hear "so Nut's to You Mr. Trader Joe's Broccolli that went bad after 2 days" or whatever else I am annoyed with. Didn't know I was so good at rambling did you! Just know I will probably post more now that I already have 2 subjects for the new "Nuts to You" section.
Also, every time I say "Nuts to You" I giggle.

*The Boyfriend and I have been Netflixing "MI-5" thanks to a recommendation from Julie, who was also the giver of the fortune plant that will never be. Much to my surprise, it has Hugh Laurie in it. He's "House" and I have the biggest crush on him, even more so now since seeing him in this. Good lord, he is a sexy man.

*I have finally started my first non-scarf knitting item. I am making myself a poncho and with any luck, I will be finished with it before next winter. I have already re-started it 3 times and thrown it across the room only twice. Yes, I have a temper.

*I have been listening to Kelly Clarkson's album and I can't get one of the songs out of my head.

I guess that's all for now. These don't seem so random to me now that I have typed them out, but I am probably forgetting most of my most random thoughts from the last week anyway.

Friday, January 06, 2006

My New Favorite Quote

"Chuck Norris is kind of like Jesus, but instead of dying for your sins, he will karate-kick you in the face until you achieve salvation."
Via Defamer.

*updated to add:


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year, New You

I made it through the holidays without gaining any massive amounts of weight. Not that I didn't try. I ate anything I felt like eating, but I did manage to keep my portions somewhat under control. So now I am back at it and I even walked at lunch today to get some extra exercise in.

I have been feeling very stagnant lately. I have decided to clean my closet out and get rid of a lot of things that have just been hanging around. We are VERY quickly growing out of our one-bedroom apartment, and since there is no hope of being able to afford something bigger anytime soon, I figure now is a good time to get rid of some things. Not that I haven't been trying for awhile now to downsize, but I have a renewed sense of really wanting to get rid of things and change some stuff around.

This is of course not a good thing as far as The Boyfriend is concerned, as this will eventually cross over into his side of the closet, but he usually plays along until his packrat tendencies take over. It's not his fault, he is the child of a packrat*. He just doesn't have THE NEED to get rid of things like I do.

Eventually I will post more about my Christmas vacation, but for now, I have more Daily Show videos to watch..

*What is with the word "packrat"? It makes keeping things sound so bad. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing until you own 35 cats and every newspaper until you were born, but, you know, if you just keep the odd thing around because it reminds you of a good time in your life, that's not so bad.