Friday, November 02, 2007


An Open Letter to the Female Driver of the Silver BMW This Morning:

Person -

I don't care where the hell you were heading this morning, if you have to stear right to avoid hitting the car in front of you when it uses it's brakes, YOU ARE TAILGATING. Which, may I remind you, is ILLEGAL.

Seriously, I understand that 6:20 is early in the morning. I know it's early for me and The Boyfriend, but you know, that's what time we get to the park to start running. And guess what, we don't tailgate people on the way there. Neither do we blind them with our foglights when it's not foggy out. Nor do we CONTINUE to tailgate people after they have given you a couple of warning taps on their brakes.

I just don't understand it. Nothing in the world is worth getting in a car wreck over. I don't give a crap where you were heading this morning, you should have been paying more attention to the road. I'm sure if I could have seen you through your blinding car lights, I would have seen you talking on your cellphone or applying makeup or any of the other horrible stereotypes about female drivers that I have always heard about but never actually seen before I moved to LA.

I'm sorry that people are probably rude to you on the road because you drive a BMW - but, well, you deserve it seeing as how you obviously have no right to be driving in the first place.

You are darn lucky I don't have the guts to slam on the brakes and let you hit me. Yes, it would have been your fault - but since The Boyfriend and I are a 1 car household, we can't afford to have our one car be in the shop getting fixed because some moron decided that she needed to drive on top of our car this morning.

Hoping you someday learn how to drive correctly before you kill someone -


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