Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Routine Day 1

I'm trying to do the blogging every day in July thing. The theme for this month is "Routine". I was thinking about this while running this morning (for an hour and I made it the farthest I've ever made it thankyouverymuch!) and I realized how easy it is for me to get stuck in a routine rut. And, because of this, also get stuck in a routine of thinking about the things I want that I don't have yet.

So, for today, I'm making a reference list of what's right with my life right now (well, everything I can think of at this moment, in no particular order):

1. While I may hate that our apartment is small, I have a 15 minute commute to work. In LA.
2. Most days, I get to ride in with a friend, who routinely makes me laugh. (Hi Steve!)
3. I have a boyfriend who thinks I'm cute, even at the end of an hour long run
when I am a sweaty mess. And he's not afraid to tell me that he thinks that.
4. I have a day job that has lots of down time during which I can work on my own projects. Or
5. I am going on vacation next week. And for the first time, I'm not worried about the cost.
6. On said vacation, I'm staying with some friends who have adorable children that I will get
to play with.
7. Every day my running gets faster and faster. While I wish the weight would come off quicker,
I'm getting stronger and healthier than I've ever been and that's more important to me.
8. I have great friends.
9. We finished outlining the new show and I am so excited for the adventure of creating a second
online show.
10. I don't know what to put here, I'm already bored of writing this. Let's just say, life is good.