Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We just walked in the door a few minutes ago. It definitely snowed all night in Spokane, our first flight out was a bit delayed, which was no big deal since we had a 4 hour layover in Boise.

The layover went quickly, I finished the book I was reading and started a second one. I love traveling with The Boyfriend, we always have a good time together, so stuff like 4 hour layovers don't phase us much.

I've never been to the Boise airport before, which is weird since I have family that live in close to there, but we always drove to visit them. The airport is nice and the workers there were seriously the nicest airport people I have ever dealt with. They had a great camaraderie that was so sweet to watch. We also had really friendly Flight Attendants all day, so even though we spent the entire day flying or being in airports, it was a very good day for traveling.

Which is good, because I still need to write a nice email to Alaska about how awesome they handled our lost luggage and now I can add on how friendly their people are in Boise!

This is all for now, I have to go unpack. It's this weird thing with me, as soon as we get home I HAVE to unpack everything. It just helps me feel like I'm really home.

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