Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I'm trying to figure out how to fix my boiled brain as I just can't seem to concentrate on anything lately.

Of course, it could be because I've been busy, or that it's like a thousand degrees here.


So, I had lunch today with 2 good friends/former co-workers - Kathy and Lisa. It was so freaking nice to see them and spend some time with them. I forget how much I miss seeing them every day until we have lunch and then I have to come back to my desk and pretend I don't miss them terribly.

Ugh again.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank You for Not Smoking

I should have written about this sooner. Well, I was told not to for some of this time, but you will understand shortly.

What am I so awkwardly referring to?

The Boyfriend quit smoking.

March 8th to be exact.

Yeah, I'm pretty darn excited. And proud of him.

Of course, from my point of view it looks like it was really easy for him. I'm sure it hasn't been all cake and roses, but man he makes it look easy. I don't know if he'll ever get around to posting about it on his blog, but he should cause I would like to know just exactly went on in his brain while making this change.

Anyhoo, I wanted to show him a little fanfare over this huge, monumental thing he's accomplished. I've almost forgotten that he used to smoke. I know that sounds dumb, but it's amazing how quickly you can adapt and forget after things change.

So here's to my new smoke free Boyfriend. I'm so proud of you. I know I don't say it enough, but I am.

Go give him some love on his blog. This is something worth celebrating.

Apparent Differences

There seems to be some weird weight loss anomalies happening around here. According to the scale, I am about 5-10 pounds heavier than when we shot Episode 1, and yet, I put the jeans from that episode in the goodwill pile a couple of weeks ago. I realize that a lot of that is due to the fact that the jeans are over a year old and very worn out, but still, it seems odd that they are so big on me now I had to get rid of them.

Also, when we shot Episode 1, I couldn't wear my silver ring from Tiffany's that The Boyfriend gave me for Christmas. I remember being so upset about that. And now, it fits a little loose.

So, the question is, am I really 10 pounds heavier than I was about a year ago and still, somehow thinner? I have developed some awesome leg muscles from running, but it still seems odd. I wonder if the scale we owned then was a lot more off than we realized.

In more recent news, I've lost 2 more pounds = grand total of 24 pounds gone. Vince asked me the other day how much weight I've lost, his guess being over 30, which was very sweet and made me feel awesome.

Which prompted a different conversation between The Boyfriend and I - a conversation about how I look like I've lost more weight than I have and how that's obviously something to be happy about.

And yet, I wonder. Is it all Nutrisystem? Is my body just reshuffling? Is it because I've mostly stopped drinking soda?

I don't feel bloated anymore. I don't have the horrible PMS symptoms that started over a week before my period. My ankles don't swell like they used to.

Also, according to The Boyfriend, my knees are much thinner. And I realized last night that my feet look vein-ier, which I mean in a good way.

So yeah, things are still changing.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

New and (hopefully) Improved

So I finally sat down and changed the template for this place.

I've been meaning to do this for so long I've completely lost track as to when I first entertained the idea.

But, due to The Boyfriend being away on a night shoot, I finally sat down and did it. Of course, there are still some things I haven't figured out, like the fact that I've lost all the comments that were on the old site.  Well, I haven't "lost them" lost them as I still have the Halo account they are stored in, but they won't be on this site until I can figure something out.

But for now, enjoy the new look.

I certainly do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Young @ Heart

I saw this movie yesterday and I just don't know if I can put into words how amazing it is. I had no idea going in to it that it is a documentary and I especially had no idea how much I would end up crying while watching it.

I know that doesn't sound like a ringing endorsement, but it really is. If you have the opportunity to see this film, do it, it's such an awesome ride and the music is so varied it's fascinating to see the choir's interpretations.

Also, if you go and you don't cry, you can pretty much assume that you have no soul.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Dear April -

Sorry. I just can't seem to keep up. The theme for your month ("Letters") seemed like a great idea to me a few weeks ago, I couldn't stop thinking of ways to post each and every day.

And yet somehow I stopped. Sorry again. I have no excuses, no exciting reasons, just the idea that I am a little overwhelmed and posting is the last thing on my mind lately. Also, there's nothing really going on and I fear that all I would do is write whiny things about how much I hate everything. No one wants to read that.

If The Boyfriend and I get around to purchasing the new couch we want, I promise I will be back with a vengeance.

Love -


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

He's Here!

I am so freaking excited to meet this little guy!

Welcome Keiran Allan Cox! You have some awesome parents so I can't wait to see what kind of amazing person you become.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


We had a meeting tonight to discuss Episodes 8 and 9 - which took around 4 hours. I love it when we have meetings where things get accomplished, I hate it when they go past my bedtime. Now I'll never be able to get to sleep since I won't be able to shut my brain off anytime soon.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Closet Shopping

The Boyfriend had some freelance work to get done tonight, so I spent the evening entertaining myself by watching "Dancing with the Stars" and trying on clothes that have been stored at the bottom of my closet.

It's been fun since clothes I haven't fit in for years are now hanging back in my closet and in rotation as stuff I can wear.

I heart losing weight. I have two "new" pair of pants that I've actually owned for years - but I've only worn once maybe twice!

Also, I have a bit of a crush on Adam Corolla. It's not enough that I listen to him most mornings on my way to work, but now he's just too cute on Dancing. I'm always very impressed when people don't take themselves too seriously in life.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


I hate Sunday night.  I felt this way all through school. 

I just get a little sad that the weekend is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow morning.

Hopefully, someday I will love Sunday nights - I will love my job so much that the weekend ending isn't such a sad thing to me.


Saturday, April 05, 2008


I'm in the middle of getting ready for a costume party. Our friend Stephen loves Halloween, so for his birthday in April, he throws a costume party.

This year the theme is the "Intergallactic Ball" and everyone's costumes are supposed to have something to do with space.

Of course, being huge Futurama fans, The Boyfriend and I decided to go as Fry and Leela.

So, I'm off to go spray my hair purple! I hope it looks good.

Friday, April 04, 2008


There are times when I'm amazed at my ability to post my weight on the internet and not think for one minute about how that might not be a good idea.

Oh well - today is a day for celebration!

I have officially crossed the 200 pound mark - weighing in this morning at 198!!

Goodbye 200 pounds (and over) - I will never see you again. Sorry for being so excited about that.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dear Body

I just want to thank you for all of your hard work lately. I haven't been very good to you these past couple of years and now I'm working you even harder than ever to try and lose all this weight.

But you're hanging in there! I've even worked out twice a day most days this week and you haven't complained at all.

Even when we had The Boyfriends Mom visiting and I cheated on the diet twice for dinner, you managed to continue to lose not only weight but inches too! Go you!

I hope we can continue this love-fest of weight loss for many more months together. Just remember how proud I am of all the hard work your doing on our behalf.

Love -


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Tony P's

Tonight is the last night of The Boyfriend's Mom's visit. We decided to try a new restaurant and the only thing we knew was that we wanted to eat in the Marina.

So, I jumped on my favorite website Yelp and found Tony P's Dockside Grill. We had a really nice time - the restaurants had an amazing view of the boats in the Marina (which someone actually complains about in one of the reviews!) and the ambience was very cozy.

The food was good, nothing earth shattering, but good - huge portions, well made, nicely priced.

I let myself cheat on my diet since we were going someplace new and I'm very glad I did. Even though I was cheating, I made sure I didn't overeat and make myself sick. Plus, how can you not share a dessert with the name "Chocolate Lover's Dream"?

It was a very nice time and while I'm always sad to see Marcia go, I'm so happy we shared the experience of trying a new restaurant with her before she left.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dear Universe

I'm tired. Seriously, March has been a very busy month. And while most of it has been fun (hello, it's my birthday month after all) I'm really ready for a break.

I don't know what April has in store for me, but it doesn't feel like it's going to slow down anytime soon.

The Boyfriend and I have begun our search for a new couch. This is where my year of being a professional internet surfer come in handy. I love researching things. I really do. But buying a new couch is such an investment and I just can't make this decision quickly.

Plus, we aren't just buying a couch. We're buying a new set piece for our internet show and that adds a whole new layer of stress to an already stressful decision.

At least The Boyfriend's Mom has been visiting and she's very fun to shop with. Plus she loves furniture so she loves helping us pick out our new couch. She helped us buy our first couch which was an awesome buy (until the frame broke beyond repair), so it's somehow fitting that she's here to help us make the decision again.

So anyway, Universe? I would love for things to slow down a bit. Not much, just enough to let me feel like I can get a breathe.

Thanks -