Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yummy Yummy Yummy I Got Love in My Tummy!

What a weird day today is.
First, it was all happy and fun because the building I work in had a Summer Party that was catered by In-N-Out Burger and also had these amazing Mini-Doughnuts so I was all happy and stuffed.
Until I read the email that basically dooms me to never having a parking spot. So even though my tummy was all full of yummy yummy food, I was all angry at how the world is being mean again.
I wonder if they planned it, that we would all be full and sleepy from good eats when they announced that they were revamping the parking structure, basically screwing everyone over. I hope they did, because otherwise it's just an awful coincidence.
So, I had to call The Boyfriend and politely ask if he wouldn't mind driving me to work everyday since I can get rideshare money for it. And also not have to stress about where the hell my car will be parked all day.
And he said yes, he will drive me, so then I am all happy again.
Except I am still tired from eating 2 hamburgers for lunch. Darn In-N-Out burgers, they are like Pringles, you can't eat just 1. Especially when they are free.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Oh Please, Tell Me More

If one more person tells me that I "look sunburned", I will scream.

If one more person tells me how I "need to use sunscreen", I will not be held responsible for my actions.

I can't begin to tell you the number of times in my life I have been lectured by complete strangers on how I should care for my pale skin. Do you think my skin just turned this color yesterday? I know more about sunscreen and sunburn cures than you would ever care to know about.

For God's sake people, just because I am pale doesn't mean you have the right to tell me about sunscreen. TRUST ME I KNOW ALL ABOUT IT. And also, I use A LOT of it already, and there are just times when I will look pink. Like today. Because my allergies are killing me, I have been fighting off a headache/migraine all weekend, and the color of shirt I am wearing makes me normally pale-as-hell skin look a little pink.

It does not however, mean that I don't use sunscreen. It does not mean I am burned. It does not mean that I am going to politely stand here and listen to you tell me how important it is that I use sunscreen. I FUCKING KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS.

God, when did people decide that my skin health is any of their concern? And really, am I supposed to be happy that people with skin the color of leather are telling me that I need to use sunscreen. People, let's compare my white ass to your tan one and then let's talk about who needs to know more about sun-safety.

Yes, I am grumpy. Yes, I should just accept their advice and leave. But I don't. So there.

Friday, August 12, 2005

I Heart Rubberband Man

Have you seen this commercial? For Office Max? The dude in the commercial is just some brilliant casting. He is so fun to watch, he makes me want to shop at Office Max, and I HATE that place.
But I would only shop there if he pushed the cart for me and we had the "Rubberband Man" song playing as we walked around the store.

My daydreams are sadly boring.

My favorite commercial is when he loses his rubberband ball, and he puts up lost pictures of it, but the pictures are in black and white, and his rubberband ball is in color, and he's all sad. I don't remember how it ends because it went longer than my 5 second attention span.
But I sympathize Rubberband Man! I order the supplies in my office, and sometimes, people can make you sad when all you are trying to do is deliver their damn supplies.

Anyhoo, for some fun, check out this website, you can view the commercials and a cute making of video.

Also, please note there are 2 NEW links over to the right, Essence of Z and Jared's new blog.
Give them some site-reading love!

Man, I am bossy lately. Read my friends new blogs! Tell The Boyfriend to stop smoking! ARE YOU LISTENING!?

*Special thanks to Y-Vonne for actually posting on The Boyfriends site! You are the only person that has. And I thank you for your help in nagging.

The rest of you obviously don't care enough to nag. Prove me wrong, let TAM know he should stop smoking. Then he can't just get mad at me for nagging!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome to Monday

So, Peter Jennings died yesterday. The weird thing about this is that Rachel and I were just talking about him on Saturday and how he might not make it. I am still a little weirded out by that.

I have to add that I will miss him. He had a wonderful speaking voice, and there have been several times in my life where there were things going on in this world that we were all glued to the tTV and his voice was the only one I could stand to listen to. It didn't hurt that he was usually the only person saying anything of intelligence.

This prompted several conversations with The Boyfriend about how he really needs to quit smoking. Everyone should visit him here, and let him know (in a nice way) that he needs to quit smoking. He loves the peer pressure!

Also, this morning I swam laps for ½ hour at the gym. I love swimming and have just recently started this routine in a desperate "I really need to get some of this 'now that I have a desk job I apparently will gain like 50 pounds' fat off of me." I swear, I have been working out at gyms for several years now, and nothing, NOTHING kicks my ass like swimming laps. I'm not even going that fast.

Since this is my first time swimming since I had Lasik (if you are interested, please check this place out, he is the nicest guy and a hell of a Lasik surgeon). Can I just tell you that I am really happy that I couldn’t see while swimming all those years that I swam competitively? I get so distracted now at the littlest thing in the pool, because I CAN ACTUALLY SEE! WHILE SWIMMING!

And, have you any idea how dirty pools are? GROSS! And yet, I am still swimming 3 days a week. And it rocks. Unless weirdo people are walking in the lanes. They do not rock.

I have also started doing Pilates pretty regularly at lunch. Man, you would think the pounds would just be melting off, but they aren't. It doesn't help that I just really like food. And candy.

Maybe I will up the swimming to every day, then I wouldn't have to change my diet. Now there is a plan.

Friday, August 05, 2005


* The Boyfriend and I had a great time going to dinner last night for his birthday. The drive down took a little over 2 hours and he only threatened one person's life!

* I am very sad that my show is over. I miss everyone.

* I wish the children's show was over. It's been a lot better since we started performances, but it is definitely the show that wouldn't die.

* I am wearing really squeaky shoes today (and by shoes I mean flip-flops). I mean really, really squeaky. I had to walk some documents to another attorney for my boss, and the floor I had to go to was very quiet, and all I could think was that my shoes are LOUD, and I kinda sorta shouldn’t be wearing them anyway, so it's kind of like "The Tell-Tale Heart", but only on my feet.

* My 10 year reunion is this summer. I am not going. I don't care what you think about it, I'm not going. It's being held in a sports bar for chrissake.

* I have left-over Chili's food for lunch today. I am a happy girl.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Happy Birthday, My Little Cheese Blintz!

So, My Boyfriend, it is your birthday. As my special gift to you, I will not ask you to clean anything today. Man, am I romantic, or what?!

Also, on our 2 hour drive down the PCH to Chili's tonight, I promise I won't ask you to calm down when you are screaming at every other driver on the road.

Seriously, I have never been so giving!

Okay, in all fairness, usually I am screaming at other people right along with you, so I should think of something else…

I promise I won't fall asleep on the way home. (If you knew me, you would understand what a promise that is.)

I promise that I will always be here to remind you of your correct age. Unless I am dead. Then you are on your own.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

I hope you realize just how much I love you.

Thanks for all the laughs, tears, road trips, songs, and cuteness (seriously, why are you so cute?)

Do you realize that we have known each other for a third of our lives? That kind of freaks me out!

Here's to many, many more birthdays together. I wouldn’t have it any other way.*

I love you.

*Can you believe I was so sappy?
I must be getting old. But not as old as you!
Oh man, that will never get old... like you!
I could go on and on with this.

** I would just like to point out that I have posted since the last one before this, but blogger ate it. I hope it gave blogger heartburn.