Saturday, November 24, 2007


I don't know when our visits home turned in to a whirlwind of eating at restaurants we used to visit, but it certainly has this time.

Although today we went to 2 new places, The Pita Pit for lunch and Ella's for dinner.

The Pita Pit is a cute little place that of course makes sandwiches and everything else you order in Pita's. I loved their food, very fresh and good for you (if you so choose).

For dinner, The Boyfriend's Mom treated us to a supper club called Ella's that is owned by friends of hers. It's located in downtown Spokane in an very awesome old building they have renovated. The first two floors are theaters where they put on plays and readings and such and the top floor is a supper club before 11 and after 11 it's a jazz bar. Very cool inside and the food was absolutely amazing. They had a live guitar player that I really enjoyed.

It's been fun to be back in Spokane. We have spent most of this visit just hanging out and chatting with The Boyfriends Mom and Sister and Niece. I love visits like this, it's so relaxing. Although, as I just commented to The Boyfriend, we need to go home where we have no food waiting for us so I can get back to working on losing weight.

I know my posts have been shorter and shorter, but I keep forgetting until the absolute end of the day and then I am so tired, I can't remember everything we did during the day!

We helped The Boyfriends Mom get her tree out and start decorating. Although, she is much better and decorating a tree than I am, so I mostly sat on the couch knitting and chatting while she decorated the tree. For me, it was still a blast - but I'm sure she probably meant to have more help!

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