Friday, January 02, 2009

I Am Back

In more ways than one! The Boyfriend and I just returned from our trip home to Washington for Christmas. And I'm starting back on Nutrisystem full time, fully serious, ready to get the rest of this dumb weight off. More on that later.

We are still sorting through the hundreds of photos that we took, but I wanted to make sure I got down this story as it's one of my favorites from the trip.

The Boyfriends Nephew got the Dark Knight Batman costume for Christmas (this is the nephew that last year at Thanksgiving was dressed as Superman the entire time we were there. I love it!) so he immediately put the entire costume on and was "in character" the whole time. He wouldn't smile for pictures if he had his mask on and you had to call him "Batman" for him to answer you.

So, we were hanging out and he told me this

"Auntie Tamiya (he can't say my name quite right, another reason I heart him) when I come in the room and I have my whole costume on, you have to say "Thank God you're here!". But if I don't have my costume on, you don't have to say that."

Seriously, he is just the cutest thing ever. He also has a huge crush on me and told his sister that he was going to marry me. It's too funny to me as he looks exactly like The Boyfriend did at that age. Obviously, he has the same great taste in women as The Boyfriend as well.