Saturday, November 10, 2007


Spent tonight working on a music video with The Boyfriend. There is nothing better than spending an evening being silly and creative with someone you love. Um, yeah, that sounds weird, but it's really not that type of thing.

Of course, this also made me almost forget to post today! 

This morning, I was telling The Boyfriend about how I had posted a comment to this website I visit every day called The Simple Family. I  read this site when it was The Sarcastic Journalist (you can see why it piqued my interest) and now I visit every day to see what new thing I learn about trying to live a simpler lifestyle that is easier on the earth.

Anyhoo, you should check her site out. She's a great writer!  The post that I commented on started a very interesting conversation between The Boyfriend and I on just when we thought Americans had become people that live above their means and if we think it could ever be turned around. 

That's how I know I'm reading a good writer, when it can spark interesting conversation in my real life. 

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