Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We just got done meeting with our writer for Episode 7 and I am just getting this post in under the wire.

Can I just tell you how much past my bedtime this is?

Now we won't be able to run in the morning - which means day 3 of not running for me. I guess that's okay, we will be able to run every day on vacation (if we want). Since my Dad is a runner, it will be fun to go out and go on a jog with him! I've never done that before.

So yeah, stressful day at work and now the crunch time is coming for getting all ready to leave. We still haven't packed, I have to do one more load of laundry and food is getting scarce around here, since we didn't want to shop too much before we leave on vacation.

Agh! You know, this is what always happens before we leave on vacation. Everything get's busy and stressful and then it takes a day or two to relax. No worries, I'm traveling with The Boyfriend and he's always entertaining to me and we always have a great time traveling together.

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