Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Suddenly I See

You would think by the title of this post that I was going to write some sort of update on my Lasik surgery (still the best money I have ever spent in my life!), but I'm not.

I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago for my yearly physical. Nothing too exciting or even shocking. Ugh, I am trying to drag this out - but I will get to the point. I am under dr.'s orders to lose 80 pounds. That's right, 80, as in, almost 100. But that's okay. I have dealt with this information and I am ready to fight. People in my family are not very healthy and I plan on NOT being one of them. I have already seriously cut back on the amount of food I eat. I am trying harder at running and really notice a difference in my enery levels on the days I do not run. The Boyfriend and I do Pilates at night while watching TV. So yeah, I've made some big changes, but I still have a long way to go. There is no fooling around with this anymore.

The main reason my dr. wants me to lose weight is that my cholesterol is still elevated. My blood pressure is fine (thanks to running I believe) but high blood pressure is something that also runs in my family and the best way to make sure it stays fine is to lose weight. So yeah, I'm fighting for my life here. It's really sad that I have to say that at such a young age, but man, I'm sick of worrying that I am going to have to take more medications than daily allergy stuff. And the worst part of all of this is that I did this to myself.

Also, in doing research on my constant ear ringing (Yes, it's still ringing) I found that there is a chance that my weight/cholesterol is part of the reason that this is happening. So, my body has been trying to tell me for awhile that something is wrong and I have chosen not to listen for way too long.

I know I have written about my weight before, but this is very different. I am not placing any blame except for squarely on myself. I am not looking for an easy way out. I plan on making these changes for life. I know it's not going to be easy. It hasn't been already - but that's okay. It hasn't been excruciating either. I have an end goal. I am giving myself a year to get there (hopefully sooner).

When I reach my goal weight, The Boyfriend and I are going on another road trip. I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to this, so it's a nice motivation to work harder.

So yeah, that's what has been going on with me. Lots of changes, hopefully all for the better. I can already see a difference in how my clothes fit - which is another motivator. That, and the extremely awesome friends I have. I can't tell you how supportive people have been (the people who already know that is) - especially my fellow actors in the sitcom, and especially my fellow producer who goes out of her way to help me, even if I am backsliding and tell her it's okay to leave the cinnamon rolls at my house!