Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Friday Rantings

I am so over Kaiser Permanente right now. As soon as I possibly can I will be switching insurance providers. Part of the reason I'm so mad is that I've always defended Kaiser when people ask why I have insurance through them. Until now, I've really had no complaints. But telling me I need a test and then your nurse saying she can't schedule it, I need to see my primary care physician, and then the nurse for the primary care physician telling me I HAVE to come in for an appointment before my doctor will schedule a test for me is just stupid. And I'm done.

Also, I'm really easy to find online. And a lot of my relatives have joined Facebook recently, which is nice. But you know what? Don't leave me stupid messages about "where are you" and "I haven't heard anything about you in years" when everything you need to know about me is ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE - which links to my online sitcom and such. I'm not going to post a big long thing about where I am on your wall for everyone to read when you could have taken 2 seconds and perused my profile. Or, conversely, send me a private message if you want to talk.

I know I'm being snotty.

Oh well.