Friday, November 16, 2007


Here we are in rainy Washington! We just got back from breakfast with The Boyfriends sister and niece, which was awesome.

Our flight was a little eventful in that we were going to be delayed from leaving Los Angeles by over 2 hours. So I went to the front of the plane with the idea of asking about our connecting flight when the flight attendant learned that our final destination was Spokane she told me to get my stuff and come with her. So I gathered The Boyfriend and our carry-on luggage and departed the plane to learn that we were being bumped over to the direct flight from LA to Spokane (which is the flight we almost always take!). The downside was that our checked bag was not going to be on the flight with us.

And then I started worrying. See, I've never lost a bag flying (I am knocking on wood right now). And this seemed a situation ripe for ending in lost luggage.

But, we already have a happy ending as I just got off the phone with the awesome people of Alaska Airlines (I am writing the nicest letter ever when I get home. They were all so helpful and nice. They even gave us little toiletry kits when we didn't have our toothbrushes last night!) who happily informed me that they already have our bag at the airport and it is scheduled for delivery at 11 am.

I can't tell you how elated I am. Seriously, I know I'm a worrier, but the entire night last night after we found out our luggage would have to follow us to Spokane later, I was completly worried that we would never see it again.

Luckily, I am traveling with the Boyfriend who is very good at talking me down from one of my stressouts.

That's all the news for now. I'm off to watch some TV and maybe take a nap.

I love vacation.

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