Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I usually make sure I have a day at home after a vacation, just so that I can have a day to get my head back in the game and I feel ready to go to work.

Because of scheduling issues, I couldn't do that with this trip since I had already used all of my vacation time. Today was a good day at work, I didn't walk back in to a huge mess and my boss is on a business trip so it was pretty quiet for the day.

Although, I realized at lunch that I had forgotten to put my lunch card back in my wallet. Which got me to thinking about how much crap I carry in my wallet. Before I go out of town, I always clean out my wallet so that I don't carry around the useless crap I seem to think I need to carry around every day. Which usually doesn't matter, but I do end up taking out things I only need at work - forget to put them back when we return and spend my first day at work wondering where everything is.

So, I got to thinking that I carry around a lot of stuff that I don't need every day, or even most days. I wonder just how much stuff I could get rid of and not miss. Which of course gets me to thinking about all the stuff I have at home. I wonder how much stuff I could get rid of there and not miss.

I think my new moto for 2008 is going to be simplify. We'll see how it goes.

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