Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cold, continued

So The Boyfriend, my Dad, Older Brother and I played 18 holes of golf today. I think it was the coldest round of golf ever played. I will post pictures later - obviously you can't see how cold it is, but our very red noses and ears should give you some idea.

While my golf game has been horribly neglected in the past 10 years, it was a lot of fun and I got to spend some fun quality time with my bro and Dad.

Right now, my niece is "helping" The Boyfriend get sticky buns ready which will rise overnight and be a very delicious breakfast tomorrow morning.

After dinner at Miner's (a local hamburger joint that The Boyfriend and I requested because they have awesome burgers and fries!) The Boyfriend and I drove to Ellensburg and visited some of our old haunts of our college town. The place has changed quite a bit, and yet, remains the same. I miss that town, but I would really have a hard time moving back to such a small place after LA.

I think that's all the news from today. I am fighting off a killer headache, so I'm going to help The Boyfriend get the sticky buns ready for tomorrow and hopefully go to sleep.

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