Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One More and I Get a Prize

I have lost 9 pounds and I ran 7 miles over the weekend. Not all at once, I ran 3 and a half miles per day, which was great on Saturday and very very hard on Sunday. But I did it.

While running on Saturday this woman that I see most mornings passed me and waved to get my attention. I waved back and said good morning. She said "You are doing so good at this running thing. I see you almost every day and I can really tell you've lost weight - especially around here (points to her waist)."

I say thank you several times and she puts her headset back on and continues ahead. It was the nicest thing I have ever had said to me while running.

I love it when I get these little surprises that remind me that not all people are assholes. Just the ones who refuse to walk their dogs on a leash and then get all angry when I don't want their dog jumping on me. Those people are assholes of the highest order.

So yeah, things are still swimming along. The Boyfriend and I have decided to start weighing ourselves every day as we both have read that people who weigh themselves daily are much more likely to keep their weight in check.

I used to worry that weighing myself every day would make me obsessed. But it hasn't so far (yes I know there are people that think weighing yourself every day IS being obsessed with it, but that's now how I am choosing to look at it). I actually look forward to it and I don't get frusterated when the scale doesn't move, which is a big thing for me. I have a tendency to get frusterated and quit when I am not good at something right away, which is part of the reason that losing weight has been a struggle for me in the past. I feel like I have passed somewhat of a hurdle.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Two nights ago I had this dream:

I am walking through a huge mall. I decide I need to go to Victoria's Secret, which is on a lower level and discover that the only way to get there is this old wooden roller-coaster. So, I get on, but I have to ride it backwards. Without pause I get into my car, which looks like an old mine car and the ride begins. I realize I'm carrying this washcloth that I constantly need to ring out and I can't throw it away no matter how much I want to. Between this and my purse (which I am so worried about losing - I can't stop checking it to make sure it's safe) the ride is a little stressful although I find myself getting caught up in "song" that's being played on the ride and try to enjoy myself.

I realize that Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer are at the top of the ride, doing a story for Good Morning America. They are standing around talking and they periodically throw stuff into the ride, hoping to scare people. I am so frustrated at this point because I would like nothing more than to throw away the washcloth I am still constantly wringing out, but I can't. Plus, I don't think it's very nice of Diane and Robin to throw things at people.

At this point I begin wondering when the ride will be over. I keep trying to look over my shoulder but I can't see anything. A doll from the ride gets in my car and keeps singing the creepy song for the ride and I marvel at how real it looks.

Then again, I worry that I have been on the ride too long and try in vain to find a way off.

Cue alarm and The Boyfriend telling me it's time to get up and go running.

That night, while on the way to Costco, I tell The Boyfriend that I had a weird dream and I wonder aloud what it meant. Not that I think all dreams have meaning, but I'm always a little curious as to how my brain decides to process things while I sleep.

We have a short conversation about whether we believe dreams mean anything before I actually describe the dream to him.

So The Boyfriend, who had just said he doesn't think most dreams need analyzing, proceeds to analyze my dream and create total sense out of chaos. Nice, huh?

I'm a little embarassed I didn't figure it out myself - although I'm apparently too busy being not in control of my life and angry about meaningless repetitive work.

Monday, August 13, 2007


I finally had time/energy to run a full 5k this weekend. I ran it in 41 1/2 minutes, which is pretty darn good in my book. Plus I got to listen to most of my running playlist which was a nice surprise.

Also, I have lost 7 pounds.

As The Boyfriend pointed out, if I keep this up, I will be halfway to my goal in 3-4 months.

3 more pounds and I get my first little present for myself (did I mention that I am randomly getting myself presents as I lose weight?).

I should also mention that The Boyfriend has lost 11 pounds himself, so, he gets a new coffeemaker! Just kidding, our coffeemaker of 3 1/2 years has decided to go to the big Kitchen in the Sky, so we are in need of a new one. And fast. I wish I was kidding, but I've forgotten how annoying it is to not have the choice of coffee with breakfast.

Friday, August 10, 2007


There are days when it is made clear to me that I need to be more thankful.

I have a job that I enjoy (most days).

I have someone who loves me unconditionally. I love someone unconditionally (most days).

I have friends who love and appreciate me. And understand me. And make me laugh.

So yeah, I know this is out of the blue and somewhat weird and my answer for why I am saying these things is just long and complicated.

So, yeah. I have a good life. I can't complain. I mean, I could complain, but why.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Apparently I am a Real Runner Now

Yesterday was a good/bad running day.

The bad part -
I tripped over a root and fell down, completely scrapping my left knee. Yes, I fell again. No, I don't really enjoy it, especially when I have to finish my run with a very bloody knee.

The good part -
Before this happened, I was really finding my pace and working on extending my legs so that I have a longer reach with each step.
Also, when I fell I stopped by watch somehow, therefor I had no idea where I was timewise in my run. Apparently being very angry while running is good for pacing because I ran pretty much the fastest 2.5 miles I have ever done.

So, as The Boyfriend pointed out, I am running too fast for that section of my usual run, since it is littered with roots and goes downhill, so it's a bit tricky. I have never had a problem there, so I'm taking it as a good sign that I really am getting faster.

And, I didn't break my iPod!