Thursday, November 15, 2007

Done Packing

So I think I am all ready to go to Washington. I have no complete idea since my brain is apparently already on vacation.

Yesterday after lunch, my boss walked in and I said "Good Morning" to her. At least she thought it was funny and said she wouldn't mind starting the day over.

Of course, it's like the worst time ever to be leaving work and I am a bit worried as to what is going to happen while I'm gone. Of course, I know the world won't stop, but it's a bit worrisome none-the-less.

At least, until I get on the plane and then my only worry will be making our connecting flight.

I can't wait to just sit around and take naps every day if I want to. Oh I love the holidays! Especially when I get to go somewhere that has different weather than LA. I mean, it's 80 degrees here today. How crazy is that? I had to remind myself that it is November this morning while running, because it was already hot out. Ugh.

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