Wednesday, November 04, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 4

Running shoes are the new jeans shopping for me. It's no fun. I frequently leave feeling like I will never find a pair I like and I get really frusterated after trying on 5 millions pairs.

The last pair of running shoes are the best ones I've ever purchased. It helps that I spent a little more on them than usual, but they've lasted. They rock. I haven't had any ankle or knee pain while running in them and they lasted forever.

So, of course, when I go to replace them, I can't find anyone that has them in my size. UGH! I wish I had the money to buy several pairs of running shoes at a time, but I don't. Especially since The Boyfriend is also a runner and also needs new shoes as frequently as I do (and we don't even replace our shoes as often as you're supposed to as a runner. But we never let ourselves run in shoes that hurt us, trust me).

To further annoy me, Shoe Pavilion went out of business and they were THE BEST place to find running shoes. The prices were great, they had good sales and the almost always had my size. Now I have to deal with DSW, which isn't terrible (although they never seem to have The Boyfriend's size in stock. Never.), but it's not as good as Shoe Pavilion was. Or I have to order them from Zappos. I love Zappos, they have great customer service, but their New Balance prices leave a bigger dent in my wallet than I'd like.

So, I spent the better part of 24 hours looking for a replacement for the shoes I love. And I ended up having to do the "order the exact shoes I have, but in the wrong size and see if they fit" and "order a different pair, which are supposed to be similar and come in my exact size and hope I love them as much as the old ones" game.

Oh the downsides of exercising more.


lac582 said...

Have you tried Off Broadway Shoes or Nordstrom Rack?

Tanya said...

I have not! I've never been to Off Broadway Shoes, I'll definitely have to try them out, thanks Lauren!

lac582 said...

I'll forward you a coupon next time I get one - but if you sign up on their website you get 10% off right away. I used to love DSW but lately I've had better luck at Off Broadway and its location is more convenient (for me) :)