Sunday, November 29, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 29

Last day of vacation before returning to work. Robb has a bunch of work to do today, getting our latest episode all ready for launching, so I've busied myself with vacuuming/mopping and general hanging around enjoying our last day of freedom together.

We walked to the bank tonight, after Robb went for a walk around the park and I did 30 Day Shred (in an attempt to ward off some of the stupid weight I'm sure I gained this weekend). As soon as we got there I knew we should have turned around and went home, but we didn't. Turns out our bank has finally switched to the "no deposit envelopes or slips" method of depositing to an ATM. I figured it was worth trying, but now I know it will be all "walk in and deposit with a teller" for me from now on.

We get to the part where we're supposed to deposit the checks, I put them in the machine and suddenly the ATM loses power as do a few lights around us. I totally freaked out. We call the 800 number posted next to the ATM and speak to a unhelpful "phone banker" who keeps us on the line just long enough to inform us that there's nothing she can do. She gives us Customer Claim number to call and oh sorry, they closed 5 minutes ago. The whole thing had me so pissed off and freaking out as one of the checks we deposited was from Robb's freelance job and it was no small check for us.

UGH! I hate it when this type of crap happens, when I don't listen to my inner critic, things go wrong and then I am doubly mad because I should have known.

Now this had better not keep me up tonight. It's Sunday night and I already have a hard time getting to sleep without being stressed out about money things.

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