Tuesday, November 03, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 3

While I love Daylight Saving Time since it means I don't have to run in the pitch dark, I hate that it makes the day feel longer. I would like to go to sleep right now.

I had a dentist appointment this morning - I love getting my teeth cleaned because my dentist is always telling me how wonderful my teeth are. But getting there this morning was full of angst and bad driving (not on my part) and traffic. I really, really, really hate being late to things. At least it wasn't my fault, I was on the road with plenty of time to get there, it's just the usual LA crap traffic holding me back.

It's all foggy and spooky at work, you can't even see out of my boss's window. I love Fall, I just wish it was actually cooling down around here. There's nothing more "off" to me than to watch the leaves change while it's still getting up to 80 degrees. And people still say there's no such thing as global warming!

The only downside to this Fall atmosphere is that I want to bake more. And eat more. But I am running more, so hopefully it will all balance out. I've ordered some new running shirts and replacement running shoes which will help me want to run even more.

My first 30 minute run this morning since running for an hour this weekend. My run was awesome! I can't believe how much better it was for pacing. I am definitely someone that does better when she can run for longer than 30 minutes, I'm just so much better at finding a good pace and not worrying about the clock. Although my shorter runs after the longer run are much more satisfying as my ability to pace seems to carry over.

Now I'm off to find 5k Races in my area between now and Christmas. I think I need something else to build to for running.

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