Friday, November 27, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 27

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

We have successfully done nothing today. I haven't been bored or tried to get anything done, it's been pretty wonderful. We even took a super long nap. And we just got back from an hour and a half walk at the park, which was totally necessary since we've also been eating leftovers all day.

Usually this type of day leaves me feeling guilty for not getting anything done, but I've been trying to work on really relaxing and being in the moment on days when I truly have nothing to do and nothing I have to accomplish. This is very hard for me but it's something I've needed to work on for awhile now, for my own sanity. I usually spend the day worrying about everything that needs to get done and always tell myself I will relax "right after I do this" but I never do. I always find something else that also needs to get done and the cycle continues until the day is done and I'm still tired.

But again, I'm working on it. And today has been a good day.

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