Sunday, November 22, 2009

NaBloPoMo Day 22

I'm writing this from my Blackberry as the computer has been taken over to do color correction for LFTI episode 9 (aka "someday we'll have a title for it, hopefully before it goes online").

Color correction is tedious, especially to watch, but I plan on trying to use the downtime to get some things done around here. Like taking apart the Lemonaid stand we built for episode 7 that's been living in our carport since we shot. Robb and Zoe are going to be tied up all day around the computer, so I can piddle around to my hearts content (this usually drives Robb bonkers, so I'm happy for the excuse to do whatever I want, which so far has = hanging out in my pajamas reading magazines).

The screening party went very well. Everyone was quite happy with the episode and it was so nice to have some downtime to actually hang out and chat with everyone in a relaxed setting. We had some very awesome guest stars for this episode and I am so happy we've met and worked with these people, they are all someone I would work with again in a heartbeat.

This is getting annoying to type on my phone, so I'm off. I hear rumblings of lunch needed, so I'm going to try and get some leftovers scraped together for the color correcting duo.

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