Saturday, November 22, 2008

Twenty Two

The Boyfriend and I spent today lazing around the apartment, well, I guess by lazing around I mean, we got up at 6:30 am, went for a long walk, made breakfast, lazed around watching movies (John Adams is PHENOMENAL!), The Boyfriend captured some footage for a freelance project, I puttered around for awhile, we did 30 Day Shred and then went to Ikea and Chili's for a very late dinner.

Ikea was very productive, we found The Boyfriend a new office chair, which is so cool. He's needed a new chair for awhile now and we finally settled on one that was comfortable and had adjustable arms - which are a necessity for someone who records music at home.

As I type this, The Boyfriend is putting together his new chair and "Law & Order : SVU" is playing on the TV (the old lady from "The Happening" is playing an attorney!).

Well, The Boyfriend has started swearing, so I'm off to help put the chair together!

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