Monday, November 10, 2008


Wow, I'm doing pretty good today considering how busy this weekend was and the fact that I walked in this morning with several fires to be put out at work. Not literal fires, of course, things like peoples food has "disappeared" from the fridge again, I have to set up a conference call for people in 3 different countries, my boss mentioned I'm going to get my review today and by the way, did I happen to have a copy of the last review I was given.

Luckily, I got everything handled just before lunch and met The Boyfriend for a walk. Man did I need that. No exercise really does make me a tired girl. Plus it was nice out with an awesome wind that really made it feel like fall.

This afternoon I got my review, no surprises there which made me happy and now I am completely crashing. Oh yeah, I had to order a new hard drive for the show, which I just got ordered.

The only thing that helps me make it through this last part of the day is that I have no plans for this evening. The Boyfriend and I get to just sit around and relax. Maybe actually have some time to enjoy each others company (nudge, nudge). I have no idea why I felt the need to share that with you, but I did, so deal with it.

I guess that's all. Man am I tired now. Why does this last hour of work drag on so slowly?

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