Monday, November 24, 2008

Twenty Four

Today was pretty cool, especially for a Monday. 

My run this morning was pretty awesome. 

I got a free coffee at the coffee cart due to a mistake they made and I have no boss this week, so work is fairly light.

I went to lunch with a friend and had a great time. Also, a chocolate chip pizookie, which was fabulous.

I ate a light dinner due to overeating at lunch and then let Jillian kick my butt with 30 Day Shred.

And now we are watching the cutest Polar Bear story on PBS. Seriously, there is nothing cuter than a baby polar bear.

I'm off to bed soon. If it's not raining, we are running in the morning. Then a lunchtime walk with Kathy and Lisa - which I am so looking forward to!

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