Friday, November 07, 2008


What a difference a day makes! I feel so much better than yesterday. The Boyfriend joined me for lunch yesterday and today, both days we walked for just over an hour, as fast as possible.

Oh yeah, exercise is definitely what I needed. Now if I could just get this headache to go away, I'd be feeling pretty good.

We have to run some errands this evening, but nothing too time consuming. And then we will have a chance to just relax before another weekend of shooting.

Someone asked me what we were doing for Thanksgiving today and I realized we have no idea. We'll be here, which is a change for us. I guess if we get invited somewhere we will go, but if not, we'll probably cook a Turkey at home, which we've actually never done! We've cooked turkeys, just never at our apartment. I'm looking forward to having several days off of work and plenty of time to do nothing but watch movies and maybe finish re-finishing some coffee tables.

Ah Thanksgiving, you feel so far away right now.

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Kim said...

Found you from your link @ NaBloPoMo. I haven't seen your show, but I'll try to check it out sometime when I'm not keeping one eye on kids and the other on a football game.

You're right, the name of your blog is funny--that's why I clicked through. I'm pretty sarcastic myself; I worry for my kids! :D