Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twenty Five

I'm still waiting for the rain to start that they promised. It was drizzling a little bit earlier, but no big showers like I was hoping for.

Today was such a chill day at work. I took a bit of a long lunch and went to visit Kathy and Lisa. We walked around Beverly Hills and went in a few shops. It was such fun to see hang with them and get caught up. I got to give Lisa her birthday present (yes, it was late, I'm not a good planner it seems), but I was really happy to see that she liked the earrings so much.

The biggest news today is that the Christmas present that The Boyfriend and I bought each other arrived today. We bought a new digital camera, a Canon Rebel Xsi and 2 lenses (a telephoto and a wide angle lens). We've wanted a nice camera for such a long time, and The Boyfriend had some freelance money come in, so we went ahead and got it now. It's freaking awesome. The Boyfriend has not stopped playing with it since I got home. I guess I'm really going to get used to having my picture taken! I will post some photos soon as I need to spend some time playing around with it myself, otherwise there will be no photos of The Boyfriend (as he pointed out).

So yeah, exciting times around here. We just got done doing 30 Day Shred. I LOVE that workout video, more than I could ever imagine loving a workout DVD. I feel so awesome when I get done with it, it's definitely worth the $10. I need to feel awesome as I've gained about 7 pounds since July. I guess I need to really get serious about losing weight again. Ugh. Why can't this be easier? I'm really sick of being the girl on a diet. I want to get to a healthy weight and then just be able to spend my time focusing on something else. 

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Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOVE my earrings! They are SO beautiful!!! And yes, I know what it feels like to be the "girl on a diet" -- you've done so good though. Think of yourself as the girl that is "in love with being healthy"!!!!