Tuesday, November 18, 2008



1. Finally got my flu shot today. Everyone trying to give me some sort of illness at work can now suck it.

2. Losing weight has odd side effects. I can now fit into shoes I haven't been able to wear in several years. Today I wore a pair of brown loafers that are so comfortable now that I've lost weight, it's crazy. That and the boots I wore the other day, it's like I got 2 new pairs of shoes and all I had to do was shop my own closet!

3. I can not stop these freaking headaches. The weather lately is TERRIBLE! I stopped going to acupuncture after my emergency root canal and subsequent amount of money I had to pay to my dentist. Now I think I need to start going again, if nothing else, it makes me nice and relaxed which will at least help me deal with these headaches.

4. I wore a new pair of grey pants to work today. I lurve them! They will be my new "Monday Pants" (a phrase I stole from Kathy). Monday pants are those pants that always fit well and are easy to make an outfit with, therefore you wear them on Mondays, the day when you're mad that you have to go to work, so having an easy outfit to throw together on Monday mornings makes life a lot easier. Bon, n'est pas?

5. Thanksgiving is next week, which means Christmas is only like thirty-some odd days away. Man, where the heck did this year go?

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