Saturday, November 15, 2008


Okay, so I have no idea why people were so down on "Get Smart". I loved it. I thought the humor was very dry and witty, the casting was great and the story was very fun. Steve Carell was brilliant. 

I'm writing this while I wait for The Boyfriend to get ready. We're heading to a birthday part for David, whom we haven't seen in forever. I'm so excited to go and see him and everyone there, it should be a good group of people.

So, I'm off to figure out if what I'm wearing is going to be cool enough as it's ridiculously hot here. Seriously, anyone that thinks global warming isn't true should just look at the fact that it is so damn hot here in California. Between the weather and the fires, my allergies are going crazy and I've been getting headaches every day. I'm taking Monday off of work so I can just relax and get a few personal things done - mostly to take a nap too and just try to feel better.

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