Sunday, November 09, 2008


I'm sitting here waiting for an actor to show up to film something for our next episode, so I figured I should get my post in for today. I'm pretty exhausted, so this will be somewhat of a mish-mash (more so than usual).

Man, this has been a long week. Every day around 4:30 time seems to stand still. It makes the last part of the day almost unbearable. And yet, it flew by.

I spent a few hours today riding in a car (and by riding I mean hiding in the way back of a friends small SUV) reading a script and feeding lines to actors that were driving, or sitting in the passenger seat with someone basically sitting in their lap with a camera. It was great fun, especially since I'm someone that doesn't get carsick, so the constant movement and reading didn't bother me in the slightest. 

I'm finishing this post after we are completely done for the night. I am exhausted, the apartment is a mess and needs to be cleaned from top to bottom, I just ate breadsticks for dinner, but I am happy and ready for bed.

Now begins a new week at work. Hopefully I can get up and run tomorrow, I could really use the exercise!

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