Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twenty Three

Last night I forgot to write about the actual drive to Ikea. When we got on the freeway, we noticed it was kind of foggy, which of course meant people were driving like crap.

Once we got on the freeway it was so cool! Because of the fog, you couldn't see any of the city off of the freeway, so it was like the freeway existed and nothing else. I kept thinking of the Dr. Who episode with the people stuck on the freeway system for ever, it was so cool and kind of creepy.

Today was spent lazing around some more. We had big plans to get things done and while we did accomplish some of the plans, a lot of them were chucked out the window for a much longer nap than we originally planned and some more time to just hang. I feel like my soul has been replenished.

Also, I can't wait for it to be Thanksgiving! We have so many good food items purchased already and I'm trying to be good until then!

Now I'm off to get ready for my 1/2 week of work. Thursday can't come soon enough!

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