Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Hello! Today has been pretty sucktacular and this post will all be too much information. 

First I had a little "early visitor" at work, of course and I had no supplies AT ALL. I asked around and no one had anything either. I found a big huge pad sample stupid thing that I had thrown in my desk as a  just in case I ever need this. 

Everything was just a bit off today. Then The Boyfriend called to tell me that there were big problems with some of the stuff we filmed for the sitcom last weekend.


The best part of the day was going to Target with Minerva. At least I got a chance to just wander around and browse while still getting everything off of my list.

I just feel like I'm running out of time this week. We've got so much stuff to get done before Saturday where we will spend all day filming on location. We're pretty good to go, but there are always odds and ends to finalize before filming. Like extras. And food. And props. And getting my costume washed from last weekend. And dealing with work. And early monthly visitors.

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