Friday, March 07, 2008


Things that are Broken in My Apartment:

1. The Vacuum Cleaner
2. The Couch
3. A DVD Player (since replaced, but I am saving the broken one to be e-recycled)
4. Our front window, in that it sucks to open/close, not that the actual glass is broken.
5. Probably the Microwave, if our streak continues.

Movies I am Seeing Tonight:

1. Cloverfield
2. Potentially "The Tudors" if The Boyfriend and I feel like staying up late. I know it's not a movie but I'm watching it on DVD, so it counts.

Cool Things About Today:

1. I got to have lunch with 2 friends I used to work with. I miss them terribly.
2. I get to see Cloverfield for free!
3. I've lost another pound! Grant total = 14 pounds lost. I don't care where they went.

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