Thursday, January 31, 2008


Things are starting to look up around here. The Boyfriend and I finished the great clean-out/up of our bedroom and some of our apartment. 2 trips to Goodwill later and you can actually see a difference in the amount of stuff around our place. Getting rid of things is my new hobby.

We are in the midst of getting Episode 7 up and running. It's been pretty stressful as this is going to be a big episode in terms of props/casting/slight changes to things. But, it's all starting to slowly fall into place, so I feel like I have some breathing room, not much, but some. I think most of the stress falls in that it's been so long since we've been in production. Also, Episode 6 is on it's way to finally being finished, so that's another sigh of relief from me.

I've lost another 2 pounds - so my new grand total is 8 pounds gone. I'm finally allowing myself to get excited about this and not fret that it's all going to fall apart somehow.

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