Thursday, January 10, 2008


On my journey of being healthier, I have decided to give up drinking soda. I no longer make excuses to myself that since I was drinking Diet Soda it was somehow better for me.

I started decreasing my soda intake before I started Nutrisystem so that I wouldn't have such a shock of changing my entire diet at the same time. So far, I barely miss it. I had noticed that I had a tendency to overeat at meals I would drink soda with and that when I drank water with what I am eating I don't overeat.

That being said, I am drinking more coffee and green tea, so I am still getting caffeine, just not as much as I was getting before.

I am hoping this time I can stick to this as I've tried quitting soda before. It's definitely harder for me when we eat out, but since eating out is not happening anytime soon, I think I can get myself so used to not drinking soda that ordering it will not be second nature.

Of course, I will probably have a raging addiction to iced tea soon...

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