Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I was just going to write this whole thing about the bruise on my face, but then I realized that it was boring and stupid.
Here is a re-cap anyway. I have a small bruise on my right cheek, apparently from the dentist. I always knew that I bruised easily, but this is just funny. IT'S FROM THE DENTIST. I don't remember anything hurting, but then again, my mouth was numb.

So I have to go back 3 more times to finish the work needed on my teeth and I am a little worried. I mean, am I going to walk away from this with 4 bruises on my face? I am going to have a hard time getting people to believe they are from the dentist, except that it's really a strange bruise and The Boyfriend would have had to just shove his thumb into my cheek. And that would be just mean.

Did you watch "Medium" last night? I really enjoy that show. The only bad thing is that it starts at 10, so I am usually asleep before the ending. This is why I love buying shows on DVD.

Have you bought the "Arrested Development" season 1 DVD's? That is my favorite show and it is even more amazing on DVD. I can't wait for season 2 to come out.

On a final note: The horrible neighbors with the band had a bar-b-que last weekend. The band made a full appearance and everything. Here is the worst part about that. The singer they have chosen has the highest, nasaliest, most grating voice while speaking, so imagine what he sounds like singing. It ain't pretty. Also, they now seem to think they are a blues band, so they have decided to learn how to play harmonica. They suck.
And if spending hours listening to 2 stoned out spaz's bang on conga's and sing along to Beatles' songs isn't a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, I don't know what is.
The Beatles should come over and kick them in the nuts for ruining their music.

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