Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's 70's Night and I Feel Alright

I think they do a "70's Dance Music" night every year, but this year it seemed like they were just trying to let Bo and Constantine have a fun night.
I don't care who you are rooting for, Bo was clearly the winner of the night.
So, in order of appearance (that I remember):
Constantine: Did a great job, picked a song I thought really suited him and wasn't totally overdone. Although, he is still way too cheeseball in his performance and I thought the eyeliner was a bit much for 70's night. Still, great singing last night.
Carrie: Oh honey, whoever is dressing you MUST be giggling hysterically whenever you go onstage. That outfit and hair was just horrible. It was 70's night, I can't believe no one wore some Gold Lame'. I love how weird the lyrics are for that song, but Carrie obviously didn't get it, nor did she want to. Also, her performance was boring. I am getting really tired of her picking the wrong song for her. She has an amazing voice and yet, why didn't she get nailed for doing the same thin they accuse Nikko of doing?(Picking songs with only great endings. Not to say that her song was boring, it's just that she was a boring performer until the last note). Also, her fake ultra-southerness is getting out of hand. I believe that you are from a small southern town. But I think Carrie and Vonzell are in competition for southerness, which would be interesting if I gave a crap about Vonzell.
Anthony: Oh man, I really hope he is gone tonight. His performance is just boring. Everything is so uplifting, all the time to this guy. Great, but as a performer you should probably be able to do more than one type of music. I would love to see him just stand there and sing a ballad, except that I would have to watch him just stand there and sing a ballad. Plus, he looks like Nick Carter about 100 pounds ago and it just creeps me out.
Anwar: Gosh, I really want to like this guy. He has a great voice, he seems really nice and he has a really pretty face. I enjoyed his performance last night. But overall, I think he is a so-so performer. I was a little disturbed that I almost saw nipple last night, because his shirt was open so low. Plus, it looked like he was picking his underwear out of his butt at the end of his segment. Scott: I have been rooting for him from the first audition, but he got so depressing to watch for awhile. Last night was the first time I have ever seen him look comfortable on stage and actually look like he was having a good time! I think that was his best performance yet. It was a great song choice for his voice (although I think he should have sang it in a higher key. This guy has a great tenor voice and needs to learn how to use it). I felt bad for him that the judges weren't nicer. I think someone must have talked to him about his attitude, because he actually handled Simon's comments well. But the story at the end about how he chose the song was so painful The Boyfriend changed to another channel.
Vonzell: I don't know why I hate her so much, but I do. She is so over choreographed, over-rehearsed and boring. She seems so fake to me and she just makes me so angry! I honestly feel like she only picks songs she has performed before. I don't think she does anything new, different, or actually difficult. Every song she has picked has been done a thousand times before and she never talks about songs being new to her. She has a decent voice, anything else about her is annoying.
Bo: I have never tried to hide the fact that Bo is my favorite. Last night should have proved to you why I think he is so awesome. I completely agree with Simon on the fact that Bo has had some bad weeks and that this was a come-back for him. Plus, I like the fact that everything he does on stage seems very organic and natural. He just lets the performance take him where it will. No overdone winks to the camera or over-rehearsed dance moves, the dude just performs. If he isn't in the top 2, I really don't care who wins.

On a final note:
Um, DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE A NEW POPE? Seriously, this needs to end. Not everyone in the world is Catholic and I think it's disgusting that this seems to get more attention and people actually think this is more important that when we elect a new President. Plus, I hate realizing how many conservative people there are in the world.

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