Monday, April 11, 2005

Hi Again

So, I have already succumbed to the "sorry I haven't posted in awhile" thing that bloggers like to do. While The Boyfriends Mom was visiting, I just didn't have time or the energy or really anything to say.

It seems that people in my office like to come to work sick. And then complain about how sick they are. Meanwhile people are dropping like flies around them and the one person who brought the sickness into the office is still milling about looking for sympathy because they feel like crap and they "don't want to go to the doctor because they hate doctors." How can you hate doctors? They make you better stupid person! And they provide lovely drugs with which to make you better.

The reason I am bringing this up is because I spent all of last week feeling like total crap. Not sick, but just "off" enough to know that I am totally fighting off the sickness that has permeated my office. Seriously, what is wrong with people like this? GO HOME. No one cares that you are sick, because you have succeeded in getting everyone sick around you and now we all just hate you.

On another note, The Boyfriend and I have started compiling a list of several ways to tell if people are going to suck at driving. Feel free to add to it based on your own experience:
1. You are old and you are wearing a baseball cap.
2. You are female and you have stuffed animals lining your back window.
3. You talk on the phone while driving AT ALL.
4. You drive an SUV, you talk on the phone while driving and you have kids in the car.
5. You have kids in the car and you apparently need to yell at them, but only while turning completely around in your seat and not watching the road.
6. You drive any kind of kick butt sports car, because that means you can't drive over 20 mph.

I lost count on how many times we were almost killed this weekend by people talking on the phone while driving. It is really getting dangerous out there.

We went to the Getty Museum on Friday. I love that place. It has my favorite painting which is only my favorite because the faces are so life like they actually creep me out.

So of course I bought a print of it, so I can be creeped out at home.

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