Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"I'm All Out of Love"

for Carrie Underwood. Honey, I was cheering for you. I still think you have a great voice, but your song choices are just sad. When Anthony Federov picks a better song than you, it's really time to cowboy up.

American Idol was pretty boring last night. I was more interested in dyeing my hair than really sitting down and watching. Except when Bo performed, because that dude is amazing.

Everyone else is just more of the same so I won't dwell on AI today.

Except that I don't have much else to say.

I am going to a wedding this weekend. Bought a new outfit and everything. The Boyfriend did too. It's nice to get all dressed up and pretend to me grown-up every once in awhile.

The wedding we are going to is some friends that we don't get to see all that much. Have you ever met someone that you just clicked with and then because of life stuff you just don't get to see them all that much? That is how I feel about Rachel. We did a play together like 3 years ago and I really miss seeing her all the time. She makes me laugh. So does Keith, her fiance'. They are a great couple and I can not wait to attend their wedding.

By the way, it's really weird being of the same age as the people whose weddings I attend.

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