Friday, February 29, 2008

A Practice List

I signed up to do NaBloPoMo in March and the theme is lists - so I thought I would start a day early to get some practice in.

1. I have officially lost 13 pounds and have had to literally cinch my belt! Life is awesome.

2. I have 7 pounds to lose before March 22 to hit my first big goal of losing 20 pounds before my birthday.

3. If I do this, I get a cookie.

4. Okay, I will probably have cake instead of a cookie. And some taquitos.

5. There are days that I fear working in an office is sucking all of my soul away. I'm not really kidding.

6. The Boyfriend and I have had either rehearsals or production meetings every night this week. Tonight is our first night off and we absolutely have to go grocery shopping. So, I think tomorrow will be the official "I am not leaving the apartment except to go running" day. Everyone celebrate!

7. I'm sorry (somewhat) for turning this in to a weight loss blog, without really recording how I dealing with everything. My goal for March is to really take a look at the changes I am going through with this whole process. Not necessarily because I expect people to read it with interest, but because I want to remember what this was like so that I'm never faced with the problem of losing 80 pounds again.

8. There are days where I am horrified at what I have done to myself. I should be at a time in my life where I am comfortable in my own skin (this is something I definitely want to write more about) and yet, I am not, because I do not like what is contained within that skin. Losing the weight is definitely helping. I hope to someday make it back to the person who was gloriously unware of what she looked like. Especially while acting.

9. Today has been the longest day ever. Clock, I would just like to get home to hang with The Boyfriend? Why do you have to insist on moving so slowly?

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