Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Even Less

It's Tuesday, which is my official "record my weight on my Nutrisystem account" day.


I've lost an even 10 pounds!!

I think I will celebrate by purchasing a new pair of pants. I'm fairly certain that the people I work with are getting tired of seeing my ass-crack every day. I can't help it! My pants are too big and for some reason I seem to own a fair amount of pants that do not have belt loops.

But who cares, I am 1/8 of the way to my goal weight! Everyone can just deal with my offensive behind.

There's a nice joke in there somewhere, but I am too wired on coffee and excitement to find it myself.

And now for the part where I really share too much information.

So, I have read in several places that estrogen is stored in fat cells. Which means that as you lose weight, estrogen is released into your body and you can be a bit more emotional than you usually are (Everyone at this point should definitely feel sorry for The Boyfriend. I'm not kidding).

I was thinking about this a couple of weeks ago because I had been a bit more emotional than usual and it made perfect sense. Imagine to my complete surprise when I started my period 5 days early. I actually laughed out loud.

So yeah, apparently not only does losing weight mess with your emotions, it messes with your cycle.

Okay, this might only be funny to me, but still, it's been a LONG TIME since I was surprised by starting my period. I feel like I'm back in junior high.

Except I have more zits now than I did then. Figure that one out.

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