Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Idol Tongue

Dear New Season of American Idol:

I'm not sure what the you are feeding the contestants during "Hollywood Week", but it seemed that every person who got up to perform last night had a purple, green or whatever color tongue. It weirds me out. Stop it.

Is this what is supposed to make this season "more dramatic than ever"! I want to find Ryan Seacrest and tape his mouth shut. His voice-over work is freaking ANNOYING.

Just because you keep telling me over and over again that the contestants are more talented this season doesn't actually make it so.

What was with all the hype about people being allowed to play instruments this season? Most of them sucked and were cut instantly. And not in any kind of dramatic fashion either!

While I do like the new way Hollywood Week has played out, it's definitely LESS dramatic than before. I miss the contestants being put in groups and the inevitable break-downs and personality clashes that followed. THAT was drama. THAT was fun to watch.

You know what's not dramatic? Introducing me to someone I've never seen before and then assuming I will give a shit when they get cut. How can I care about their sob story if I have no idea who they are until 30 seconds before they are cut from competition?

Ugh. I'm so happy the writers strike is over.

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