Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One More and I Get a Prize

I have lost 9 pounds and I ran 7 miles over the weekend. Not all at once, I ran 3 and a half miles per day, which was great on Saturday and very very hard on Sunday. But I did it.

While running on Saturday this woman that I see most mornings passed me and waved to get my attention. I waved back and said good morning. She said "You are doing so good at this running thing. I see you almost every day and I can really tell you've lost weight - especially around here (points to her waist)."

I say thank you several times and she puts her headset back on and continues ahead. It was the nicest thing I have ever had said to me while running.

I love it when I get these little surprises that remind me that not all people are assholes. Just the ones who refuse to walk their dogs on a leash and then get all angry when I don't want their dog jumping on me. Those people are assholes of the highest order.

So yeah, things are still swimming along. The Boyfriend and I have decided to start weighing ourselves every day as we both have read that people who weigh themselves daily are much more likely to keep their weight in check.

I used to worry that weighing myself every day would make me obsessed. But it hasn't so far (yes I know there are people that think weighing yourself every day IS being obsessed with it, but that's now how I am choosing to look at it). I actually look forward to it and I don't get frusterated when the scale doesn't move, which is a big thing for me. I have a tendency to get frusterated and quit when I am not good at something right away, which is part of the reason that losing weight has been a struggle for me in the past. I feel like I have passed somewhat of a hurdle.

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