Friday, August 24, 2007


Two nights ago I had this dream:

I am walking through a huge mall. I decide I need to go to Victoria's Secret, which is on a lower level and discover that the only way to get there is this old wooden roller-coaster. So, I get on, but I have to ride it backwards. Without pause I get into my car, which looks like an old mine car and the ride begins. I realize I'm carrying this washcloth that I constantly need to ring out and I can't throw it away no matter how much I want to. Between this and my purse (which I am so worried about losing - I can't stop checking it to make sure it's safe) the ride is a little stressful although I find myself getting caught up in "song" that's being played on the ride and try to enjoy myself.

I realize that Robin Roberts and Dianne Sawyer are at the top of the ride, doing a story for Good Morning America. They are standing around talking and they periodically throw stuff into the ride, hoping to scare people. I am so frustrated at this point because I would like nothing more than to throw away the washcloth I am still constantly wringing out, but I can't. Plus, I don't think it's very nice of Diane and Robin to throw things at people.

At this point I begin wondering when the ride will be over. I keep trying to look over my shoulder but I can't see anything. A doll from the ride gets in my car and keeps singing the creepy song for the ride and I marvel at how real it looks.

Then again, I worry that I have been on the ride too long and try in vain to find a way off.

Cue alarm and The Boyfriend telling me it's time to get up and go running.

That night, while on the way to Costco, I tell The Boyfriend that I had a weird dream and I wonder aloud what it meant. Not that I think all dreams have meaning, but I'm always a little curious as to how my brain decides to process things while I sleep.

We have a short conversation about whether we believe dreams mean anything before I actually describe the dream to him.

So The Boyfriend, who had just said he doesn't think most dreams need analyzing, proceeds to analyze my dream and create total sense out of chaos. Nice, huh?

I'm a little embarassed I didn't figure it out myself - although I'm apparently too busy being not in control of my life and angry about meaningless repetitive work.

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