Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome to Monday

So, Peter Jennings died yesterday. The weird thing about this is that Rachel and I were just talking about him on Saturday and how he might not make it. I am still a little weirded out by that.

I have to add that I will miss him. He had a wonderful speaking voice, and there have been several times in my life where there were things going on in this world that we were all glued to the tTV and his voice was the only one I could stand to listen to. It didn't hurt that he was usually the only person saying anything of intelligence.

This prompted several conversations with The Boyfriend about how he really needs to quit smoking. Everyone should visit him here, and let him know (in a nice way) that he needs to quit smoking. He loves the peer pressure!

Also, this morning I swam laps for ½ hour at the gym. I love swimming and have just recently started this routine in a desperate "I really need to get some of this 'now that I have a desk job I apparently will gain like 50 pounds' fat off of me." I swear, I have been working out at gyms for several years now, and nothing, NOTHING kicks my ass like swimming laps. I'm not even going that fast.

Since this is my first time swimming since I had Lasik (if you are interested, please check this place out, he is the nicest guy and a hell of a Lasik surgeon). Can I just tell you that I am really happy that I couldn’t see while swimming all those years that I swam competitively? I get so distracted now at the littlest thing in the pool, because I CAN ACTUALLY SEE! WHILE SWIMMING!

And, have you any idea how dirty pools are? GROSS! And yet, I am still swimming 3 days a week. And it rocks. Unless weirdo people are walking in the lanes. They do not rock.

I have also started doing Pilates pretty regularly at lunch. Man, you would think the pounds would just be melting off, but they aren't. It doesn't help that I just really like food. And candy.

Maybe I will up the swimming to every day, then I wouldn't have to change my diet. Now there is a plan.

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