Friday, August 05, 2005


* The Boyfriend and I had a great time going to dinner last night for his birthday. The drive down took a little over 2 hours and he only threatened one person's life!

* I am very sad that my show is over. I miss everyone.

* I wish the children's show was over. It's been a lot better since we started performances, but it is definitely the show that wouldn't die.

* I am wearing really squeaky shoes today (and by shoes I mean flip-flops). I mean really, really squeaky. I had to walk some documents to another attorney for my boss, and the floor I had to go to was very quiet, and all I could think was that my shoes are LOUD, and I kinda sorta shouldn’t be wearing them anyway, so it's kind of like "The Tell-Tale Heart", but only on my feet.

* My 10 year reunion is this summer. I am not going. I don't care what you think about it, I'm not going. It's being held in a sports bar for chrissake.

* I have left-over Chili's food for lunch today. I am a happy girl.

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