Friday, August 12, 2005

I Heart Rubberband Man

Have you seen this commercial? For Office Max? The dude in the commercial is just some brilliant casting. He is so fun to watch, he makes me want to shop at Office Max, and I HATE that place.
But I would only shop there if he pushed the cart for me and we had the "Rubberband Man" song playing as we walked around the store.

My daydreams are sadly boring.

My favorite commercial is when he loses his rubberband ball, and he puts up lost pictures of it, but the pictures are in black and white, and his rubberband ball is in color, and he's all sad. I don't remember how it ends because it went longer than my 5 second attention span.
But I sympathize Rubberband Man! I order the supplies in my office, and sometimes, people can make you sad when all you are trying to do is deliver their damn supplies.

Anyhoo, for some fun, check out this website, you can view the commercials and a cute making of video.

Also, please note there are 2 NEW links over to the right, Essence of Z and Jared's new blog.
Give them some site-reading love!

Man, I am bossy lately. Read my friends new blogs! Tell The Boyfriend to stop smoking! ARE YOU LISTENING!?

*Special thanks to Y-Vonne for actually posting on The Boyfriends site! You are the only person that has. And I thank you for your help in nagging.

The rest of you obviously don't care enough to nag. Prove me wrong, let TAM know he should stop smoking. Then he can't just get mad at me for nagging!

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