Thursday, June 23, 2005

If You Loved Me You Would Kill That

So, rehearsals have been going late, which is good since we open shortly, but also bad since it means I miss out on sleep.

Last night I didn't have to be to rehearsal until 8:30, so I was working on memorizing some lines and general picking stuff up around the apartment. When something caught my eye. Of course, it was a spider, and a big one at that. The worst part? IT WAS CRAWLING ON THE BEDSPREAD. So I grab one of The Boyfriends shoes to kill it, and of course I can't find it when I look for it again. I shake out the bedspread and I don't see it.

Now, I am not totally afraid of spiders, I just HAVE TO KILL THEM when I see that they are around. I finally see this one (I swear to God that it squared off and was readying for attack) and kill it.

Leave for rehearsal.

Come home hours later, tired as all hell.

Tell The Boyfriend about the spider I had to kill.

Fall into bed completely exhausted. How exhausted? SO EXHAUSTED THAT I HAD DREAMS OF A GINORMOUS SPIDER CRAWLING ON MY PILLOW. I actually woke up saying "Oh my God there is a big spider crawling over there." (The pillow I am referring to was on the floor at the time.)

What does The Boyfriend do? HE LAUGHS AT ME! You have to understand that I wasn't quite awake yet and that the spider wasn't real, even though The Boyfriend was assuring me that there were no huge spiders out to get me and I was just dreaming.

I need more sleep.

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