Thursday, July 07, 2005

I Am Grumpy

I know, you're probably thinking, so what's new, you are always grumpy. But I haven't been grumpy in awhile. Tired, yes. Annoyed, yes. But not grumpy. I don't really have anything to be grumpy about.

I got to see "Fantastic Four" today. I went in with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. Other than Jessica Alba being the dumbest casting decision, the movie was a great summertime blockbuster type movie. I even would have paid to see it.

So, we have a department meeting today. Can I just say that after being through a business going under twice (yes, the same company, no, it wasn't my fault) and having to twice sit through the announcement that the company was folding, I really dread announcements like "Please gather for a quick meeting". It makes my stomach turn. Nothing good comes of this announcement. It's like the person you are dating telling you that "we need to talk." NOTHING GOOD COMES OF IT.

The show opens this weekend. I am very excited for it. Although I will be sad to see it end. I have truly enjoyed working with my director and cast. That's the problem with theater. The horrible casts/shows always drag on into eternity, and the good ones end too soon.

Such is life.

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